Tips for Renewing your Mortgage

Are you looking to renew your mortgage? You might be interested in this one big tip that will help you save money on your mortgage renewal. 1) Do Your Research: It's important to know what kind of rates are available and which lenders offer the best deals. Get multiple quotes from different banks, as [...]

Winnipeg Mortgage Rates – What is Credit Score?

As something that has a large impact on the mortgage you will be approved for, including the Winnipeg mortgage rates you will pay, your credit score is important to know and understand. Many people are aware that their credit score is involved in the approval aspect of their mortgage process, but do you know what [...]

Winnipeg Mortgage Rates – Winnipeg Market Update

If you are looking to purchase a home in Winnipeg, you have probably been doing a ton of research on Winnipeg mortgage rates and other mortgage and real estate related statistics. This type of information can be incredibly useful as you are planning for the financing of your dream home, but with the vast amounts [...]

How Does a Pre-Approval Differ from a Pre-Qualification?

Have you ever been pre-qualified for a credit card, but then weren’t approved once you submitted your application? Or maybe you know someone that was pre-qualified for a loan, found their dream home, but then couldn’t get approved for the same loan they were pre-qualified for. Both scenarios work the same way. A pre-qualification, while [...]

Canadian Mortgage News – April 2017

Whether you are considering purchasing a home, putting your home up for sale, or refinancing your existing mortgage, it is important to search for information that keeps you informed about news and trends that could affect these major financial decisions. Winnipeg mortgage rates can be impacted by the economy and real estate markets, making this [...]

Market Update – March 2017

According to the report released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in January 2017, the Winnipeg housing market has continued to experience weak evidence of overheating, overvaluation and price acceleration and only moderate evidence of overbuilding. These indicators are promising signs that the pricing of homes is stable and there will be a significant [...]

Mortgage Checklist

Are you purchasing a home for the first time? Or maybe it’s been a while since you secured your first mortgage and you have questions about where to begin again. If so, look no further than Ideal Mortgage Solutions – Mortgage Broker Winnipeg. At Ideal Mortgage Solutions, we know the process of obtaining a mortgage [...]

Winnipeg Mortgage Rates

As a Winnipeg mortgage broker, Chad Wilson works for you, his client. He isn’t a bank and doesn’t work for them. Working with Ideal Mortgage Solutions gives you access to numerous financial institutions to shop around for the most competitive Winnipeg mortgage rates. Below, you will find a small sampling of current mortgage rates pulled [...]

Portage la Prairie Mortgage | Market Update – December 2016

As Portage la Prairie mortgage brokers, the Ideal Mortgage Solutions team knows the importance of keeping up with local market trends. Throughout their years of experience in the mortgage industry, they have learned that the more relevant information they can provide to their clients, the less stressful the entire process becomes. In an effort to [...]

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